The Entities of Cura Network

How would you define Cura Network?                                                                                   

Cura Network is a global decentralized health system comprising of ENTITIES collaborating and sharing data with each other to promote, restore or maintain health. It is intended to phase out Electronic Health Records as it applies Blockchain technology to empower the delivery of health services.


What does the Cura Network entail?

Cura Network is made up of four main entities which are explained below.

patient entity


  • Patient. A patient is an autonomous human entity; the center of interest in the Cura Network. Patients have exclusive ownership of their health data distributed and shared by other permissioned entities. Patients can authorize or deny access to part or all of their health records.


Specialist Entity

  • Specialist. This entity is either a human or a bot. Specialists are the primary suppliers of a wide variety of health services. Specialists are responsible for the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of the health data of their patients served per time. A human specialist could be a medical doctor, therapist, psychologist, dietitian etc. Anon-human specialist or a bot could be an Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) device such as a Continuous Glucose Monitoring(CGM) system, fitness tracker etc. or an intelligent software agent.


institution entity

  • Institutions. These are vetted healthcare and research institutions that sponsor specialists on the network.




third party app developers

  • Third Party Application Developers. Application developers in the network integrate their health apps written in any programming language with health identities via a simple data exchange specification or using a wide range of client



What Benefits do these Entities derive from Cura Network?

For Patients

  • They enjoy data privacy as far as their health records are concerned.
  • Their health data is stored safely.
  • Each patient has a unique self-sovereign identity.
  • They also benefit free round the clock health services.
  • They earn income from research campaigns from providers.

For Specialists & Providers

    • 100% guaranteed reward with Curs for the exchange of services (from specialists to patients).
    • Collaboration between Specialists – The opportunity to share skills and experiences with colleagues around the world and in return delivering quality health services.
    • Transparent, safe and complete health history of the patients.
    • Real-time health monitoring.
  • Discoverability.
  • Cost savings in research by having direct interaction with verifiable patients.


For Third Party App Developers

  • Access to real-time health statistics.
  • App monetization via subscriptions.
  • Data layer for health applications.
  • Platform for IoT devices to communicate with health data of users.



Indeed, Cura Network is an open platform that ensures that all its users benefit from the activities they engage in while on the Network. Not only does the Network make use of the most recent technology to store patients’ records, but also it ensures that only authorized personnel can access these records and this can only happen with the patient’s permission. I think of very few other platforms that bring together people from all walks of life to engage in remunerative activities to improve their lives as a unit.

Are you a part of Cura Network? Well if you are, that is one of the best decisions you have made, and if you are not, it’s time you considered being part of a platform that has nothing but your best intentions at heart. The other good thing is you can join at any capacity; as a patient, specialist or even developer depending on what works for you. What are you waiting for?