We Are Pulling the Plugs On Our ICO Campaign

Cura Network was conceived out of a need for a “healthier” medical record system. Our mission is to eliminate the lack of data interoperability; that has plagued the healthcare sector with inefficient health care delivery and deaths. To achieve this, we are using the blockchain (and all available technologies) to build a global decentralized healthcare system.

Projects of this magnitude require funds, and in the blockchain space, ICOs are popular means of obtaining these funds. To secure the needed funds to develop the Cura Network platform, we kicked off our ICO campaign in November 2018.

Effective from May 6, 2019, we’re pulling the plugs on our ICO campaign for reasons that will be outlined shortly.

Stories are abundant about blockchain companies that embark on ICOs just for the money, after which they are nowhere to be found; no platform, and no returns for investors. This is not the case with us.

We are ending our ICO campaign, but plans are still in place to read more