Why Cura Network?

The quality of healthcare delivery relies on efficient and safe data management. Patients’ medical records are stored in fragmented and insecure case files and isolated server based EHR systems, causing a lack of interoperability of data among healthcare providers.

There are 100+ server based EHR systems, 20 Million+ health specialists and 220K+ healthcare providers globally, all operating in isolation in different parts of the world. Cura Network will be a single source of truth for patients’ medical records, unifying the current fragmented record keeping system.

Current challenges in the healthcare industry

We’re solving the following challenges encountered in global healthcare delivery.

Lack of Data Interoperability

Healthcare providers cannot share patients’ health records with one another to collaborate in rendering better and faster treatment. This has led to the absence of a single source of truth on patients’ medical records.

Insecurity & Zero Privacy

Health databases suffer the most data breach and are not as secure as they ought to be for the safety of patients’ records. Patients also have zero control over their medical records and are not involved in how they are used.

Inefficient treatment & increased cost of healthcare

Because medical records cannot be shared, patients’ health information is duplicated across different health providers. This leads to conflicting and inefficient treatment, as well as increase in cost of providing healthcare.

Delay in treatment

Time spent in creating, accessing and retrieving patients’ records (in the present healthcare system) can be channeled to actual treatment.

Simplicity, speed and efficiency to healthcare delivery

Global Decentralized Identity

No more duplicate health records in different health institutions. With a unique Cura Network ID (CNID), your health record is the same everywhere. Providing a single and reliable source for your medical record. Each entity is given a Cura Network Identity (CNID) representing a self-sovereign identity with unique role based attributes.

Distributed Storage of Records

Cost savings in storage. High efficiency and reliable data transfer at the same time across different computers.

Complete Privacy

Your health record is yours; you decide who accesses it, when and for what reason. Have ownership and control over your health records. Understand and determine how your data is being shared.

Efficient, Fast, And Affordable Healthcare Delivery

Fast access to health records means fast healthcare delivery, cheaper and more efficient; since specialists will be working with unified records across different health institutions.

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

With the use of IoT devices and artificial intelligence, health monitoring and analytics of patients will be obtainable for use by the health providers and specialists on the network.

Equitable Economy

Patients can easily pay for services rendered by health providers on the network. Campaigns will be conducted on the network by providers and third parties for health research purposes. Participating in the campaign(s) enables the earning of Cur which serve as a means of exchange on the network.

Third-Party Integrations

Data access layer for a plethora of existing or new health software applications and IOT devices.

Our platform is built to be

Fully Decentralized


Seamless data access and sharing

We’re building for health providers, specialists and patients

A solid foundation for inclusive health systems of tomorrow. To collaborate for a better health and a better life.
  • Providers
  • Specialists
  • Patients
  • Third Parties

Healthcare Providers

Providers sponsor and monitor specialists on the platform With Cura Network, healthcare providers can manage their customer base, enrol patients, and view analytics reports on health data collected.


These are doctors, therapists, psychologists, dietitians etc. They are the providers of healthcare services, and responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of patients’ data on the platform. Specialists can request to join or remove providers, switch workspace between providers, view and modify patient records.


Patients have complete ownership of their health data, and decide how it is accessed and used. To eliminate distance barrier in healthcare delivery, patients have 24/7 access to consultation sessions with specialists, manage prescriptions (and reminders) on the platform. Fast and secure payment for services purchased can also be made on the platform.

Third Parties

These include app developers, insurance companies, health research institutions and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that utilize patients’ health records. Application developers in the network can integrate their health apps into Cura Network's data layer via a range of client libraries.

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