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About Us

With extensive experience in engineering, business development, and marketing, the persons behind Cura Network have one thing in common – a passion for improving healthcare.

What we do

Cura Network is a decentralized healthcare system, that’s built on the blockchain, and provides a plethora of features that guarantees the safety, privacy, and accessibility of health records globally. We are bringing patients, health specialists and health providers together to collaborate for faster and more efficient healthcare delivery in a secure environment.

Our Belief

For fast and effective healthcare delivery, health records must be
  1. 1. easy to access
  2. 2. secure
  3. 3. shareable among healthcare providers and specialists globally
To achieve this, the patient needs to be in complete control of his or her medical records, and grant (or deny) health specialists and providers access to his or her medical records. Medical history also needs to be safe and immutable by uncensored parties and secure from attacks.

A Little History

The Inception of the idea started in the second quarter of 2017 with the Founders. Thereafter, research kicked off alongside the assembling of the founding team.

We started our ICO campaign in November 2018, to raise the needed funds to build our platform. We however pulled out of the ICO race in May 2019 due to the inability of the ICO strategy to yield the needed results.

We developed a prototype- CN client- of our platform to give users a feel of our mobile application. This can be downloaded on Google Play Store. We’re currently pursuing other viable source of funding outside the ICO space.

Our Mission

To make healthcare delivery safer, more efficient & affordable for everyone by developing a decentralized healthcare system that solves the problems facing global healthcare delivery.

Our Vision

A decentralized healthcare industry characterized by fast access to health records, seamless collaboration among healthcare providers and specialists, in a highly secure environment.

Our Team

The strength of Cura Network lies in the team behind this vision and the future we’re building. The design and development of Cura network is overseen by a host of seasoned management executives and board of advisors.
Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder & CTO
Head of Communication & PR

Our Advisors

Medical Advisor - MBBCH, MPH, FWACP, FNIM
Strategic Advisor, Investor Relations

Our Partners